The Dead Revolt is a three-piece progressive rock band from Houston, Texas. Guitarist/Vocalist (George Baba) and Bassist (Spencer Golvach) met in High School and played in a band called Void. Wanting to create a more mature sound, they began writing songs with his younger brother and Drummer (Dylan Golvach). In late 2010, they released their first album, "The Substance of Things Not Seen." Recorded in a church and at such a young age (Dylan being just 14), critics had this to say, "For a freshman effort especially, this album is simply incredible." They wowed audiences at Houston's Free Press Summerfest III and Spring Forward Fest. Known for their catchy melodies and complex song structures, fans reacted by focusing on their intense energy and musicianship.

The Dead Revolt began writing new songs for a follow up album. In September 2011, they entered Satellite Studios with JR Paredes. Their second release "Vanixer" sparked more interest from the public and recieved favorable reviews. Free Press Houston considered the album to be, "markedly wiser and more disciplined." George's creative guitar licks and Dylan's erratic drumming were glued together by Spencer's soothing bass lines. Tracks like Half-Plant/Half-Ghost were a homeage to their classic rock influences, reaching past 12 minutes with a lengthy guitar solo.Their popularity grew as the band played local venues and music festivals in and around Houston.

They impressed their audience by their ability to write songs in such a short amount of time. In October 2012, The Dead Revolt and Producer/Engineer JR Paredes recorded a four song EP entitled, "A Night of Nostalgia." The new EP showed a more sophisticated side of the band while preserving their heavy integrity. Songs like Delusions of Grandeur provided listeners with dancy verses while Lost in the Vaults of Time marked their signature rock and roll. Since the third album made it on Houston Calling's Favorite Releases of 2012 and Houston Press's 10 Bands You Should Hear Right Now their reputation as rock geniuses became apparent. In October 2013, The Dead Revolt began recording their fourth album and continue to perform live playing new material.